First Day of School Reminders

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! School begins tomorrow, Tuesday, August 28th.
Schedules will be available in the quad before school. All classes begin on Tuesday, including zero period classes.
If your child is enrolled in a zero period class, he/she should plan on arriving at Kraemer at 7:30 AM in order to pick up their schedule of classes in the quad. Zero period begins at 7:55 AM.
Students on a traditional first through seventh period schedule can begin picking up their schedules at 8:00 AM. First period begins at 8:55 AM.
We will have student leaders, staff, and administrators all over campus helping students find their classrooms. Campus maps will also be available for students to locate their classes.
If your child has a class at Valencia High School, a member of the Kraemer staff will escort your child to Valencia and show them where their class is.
Please understand that the parking and traffic during the first week of school will be challenging. Recall that Kraemer shares parking lots with Valencia High School. Attached to this email is a marked map of how the traffic flows in the two Kraemer parking lots. Please consider carpooling to school. Parents may choose park in the parking lots and walk their child into campus, but this is not required. You may choose to drop your child off curbside, wish them a wonderful first day, and allow them to make their way on to campus. We will take good care of them!
At pick up time, please also be mindful of the parking lot procedures outlined on the attachment. We will do our best to expedite the flow of cars.
We look forward to an excellent school year.
See you tomorrow!
Keith Carmona