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Parents are asked to text or call our 24-hour ATTENDANCE LINE at 714-367-6710 each day of the student’s absence.  Be prepared to leave the student’s name and the reason for absence.  If no phone call is received, the school will attempt to call to verify the absence. When students return after being absent, they are to report to the attendance window to pick up a re-admittance slip before going to class. If the school has not made contact, the student must present a note indicating the reason for absence and the date(s) of absence, signed by a parent or guardian. If a student does not have a verified excused absence they will be marked with a temporary truancy.  The student will have one day to clear the temporary truancy before it becomes a permanent truancy on the attendance record. Homework may be requested for your student on the third day of absence.  Please allow two days for this material to be completed. Parents needing to release their student from school for reasons other than illness or death in the family (for instance, family vacation) are to request a special privilege petition prior to the absence.  Students must make arrangements with each teacher to complete as much of the missed work as possible prior to returning to school. 


Kraemer is a closed campus. Once students have arrived on campus, they may not leave campus during the day without obtaining an off-campus permit from the office. 

If a student must leave school for any reason, a parent note indicating the time and nature of the dismissal is needed.  The note should be given to the attendance secretary before school.  The student will receive an “Off-Campus Permit”.  This permit is shown to the classroom teacher at the time of dismissal and the student will report to the office.  A parent or guardian must come into the office to pick the student up. This procedure protects the student from leaving the campus with anyone other than the parent or guardian.  No student will be allowed to walk home to meet parents for an appointment or walk to a scheduled appointment from school.   If your student is already at school when you find an early dismissal is necessary, call the office as soon as you have determined the time you need to pick up your student.  We will notify your student to meet you in the office at the designated time.  



Tardiness is defined as not being in the assigned seat or area with necessary supplies when the tardy bell rings.  The only excused reasons for being late to school (as verified by a signed parent note) are illness, doctor appointment, or bereavement.  Excessive tardiness or truancy (one period or all day) may result in detention (during or after school) Saturday Work/Study Program, or referral to the School Attendance Review Board.  Unexcused tardiness of 30 minutes or more will be treated as truancy per section 48260 of the Ed. Code.