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Cyber Patriots


The Kraemer Middle School CyberPatriot Team is starting its fourth year this year. The CyberPatriot program introduces students to cyber security through hands on collaboration and competition. The team works closely with Valencia High School's CyberPatriot Team. All teams train year round with training happening about once a month in preparation for the competition season which begins in October and finishes in April. Students can join anytime but to be on a team you must commit in September to Early October at the latest. There is information at or you can contact coach and mentors Mrs. Hogan or Mr. Christiansen.
If there are any parents that may be interested in mentoring please contact a mentor as well.


The Kraemer CyberPatriot team will have an information meeting during Friday's Pride time in room 603. The weekly meeting is currently after school on Wednesdays in room 801 at Valencia High School.
There will also be meetings on various weekends throughout the school year and summer.
Check the calendar regularly for upcoming training opportunities:
  • Training Round: 9/15/18 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • Team Registration Deadline: 10/3/18
  • Practice Round: 10/13/18 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • Registration Invoices Due to Coastline: 10/13/18
  • Roster Finalization: 11/1/18
  • Round 1: 11/3/18 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • Round 2: 12/8/18 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • State Round: 1/12/19 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • Semifinals (Teams That Qualified): 2/2/19 (9AM - 4:30PM)
  • National Finals: 4/7/19 - 4/11/19