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Dance Team

The Kraemer Dance Team (KDT) is a competitive based dance team. KDT has the honor to represent Kraemer Middle School at various performances and competitions around Southern California where they have earned numerous top awards. It is an extra-curricular activity that practices Monday through Thursday mornings before school and Sunday afternoons. The program is led by coaches Diana Hurtado, Jaclyn Peña, and Julia Sakakibara who were all members of KDT! The 2019-2020 team has 21 dedicated members who are excited and proud to be representing Blue & Gold!

2019-2020 Kraemer Dance Team


Captain: Marissa M.

Officer: Kendra A.

Officer: Madeleine O.

Dhyani B.

America B.

Carlie C.

Kirsten C.

Brynn G.

Casey H.

Allison L.

Daiana M.

Kaylah M.

Mia N.

Brenly O.

Alina P.

Danna R.

Clarissa S.

Keira T.

Mialani T.

Madison V.

Dayna W.